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Gangster Rap

Freedom of Expression and Hip Hop

It occurred to me that the popularity of Hip Hop is not necessarily the subject matter of the music
Gangster Rap

Gangster Rap is America

It dawned on me the other day that rappers like Ice Cube – pioneers of Gangster Rap – were
Old School Hip Hop

How Was Hip Hop Started?

Hip Hop has its origins in the street gangs of the South Bronx in New York City of the
New School Hip Hop

Those New School 80s Hip Hop Beats

Hip Hop Ya Don’t Stop!  In the mid-80s there began to be tremors of a revolution of sorts, an

Hip Hop Vinyl Records and Beats

Here you can get your old school gangster rap, beats, old school Hip Hop funk like Digital Underground and
Conscious Rap

Irony in Ice Cube’s Song “Us”

I’ve covered the subject of whether Ice Cube is racist in a previous article here. Looking at his work
Jello Shots

Classic Sugar Hill Dance Songs

Back in the day, way back in the day, Sugar Hill Records was making some of the first Hip
Alternative Hip Hop

Heems is Better Off without Das Racist

Heems or Himanshu, was the slightly overweight, chubby or pudgy, member of Das Racist. While the other two member
Jello Shots

Best Hip Hop Workout Songs

When you want to get into your workout, aerobic kickboxing, zumba or pumping those weights, you want to get
New School Hip Hop

Best Old School Hip Hop Love Songs

Back in the day, rappers were already coming up with rap ballads; and they were influencing R and B