Best Hip Hop Workout Songs

When you want to get into your workout, aerobic kickboxing, zumba or pumping those weights, you want to get fired up. You need music that is hot, moving, frenetic. Here I present to you some of the best Hip Hop songs to work out to. These jams will get you moving, energize you, make you want to work those muscles, heart and lungs.

Good Vibrations – Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch

I said good workout songs, not necessarily good Hip Hop. This song is fast-paced, energetic, feisty. What more do you want to get your fire stoked?

Marky Mark – Good Vibrations by Stella78


C and C Music Factory – Make You Sweat

A club classic, guaranteed to get you music, with all the great elements of singing, rap and a funky beat!

Snap – I Got the Power

This song bounces, sounds like fight scene music, it can motivate you to get that body moving fo sho.


Fight the Power – Public Enemy

Angry and aggressive to get you fired up and with a very decent beat to get that body moving too.

Black Eyed Peas – Where is the Love?

Inspirational with a good message, this song is great for a workout and getting in the mood for positive action.


Nas – If I Ruled the World

Nas was a genius for bringing back that old school Kurtis Blow track. Incredible sampling and drum loop, this song is classic and definitely a decent workout song.

Back that Ass Up – Juvenile

You got to have one of these, bold jam not holding anything back. Back that thang up!


House of Pain – Jump Around

These Irish thugs will make ya jump! Get tough and pump those weights!

Naughty by Nature – OPP

If you want to get naughty at the gym, throw on some Naughty by Nature. Gets the juices flowin’!


Kris Kross – Jump

You don’t have to put your pants on backwards, so keep your gym shorts on. These cats could put together a hot jam.

Eminem – Til I Collapse

This one will give you the drive to keep that workout going on and on: Enough to burn off the stress and forget about your bad day.


Fergie – Big Girls Don’t Cry and Mary Jane Shoes

Fergie’s sweet voice is good for a nice cool down: Some stretching to get that body ready for the end of the workout. Good stuff.

Now don’t that feel better? You got the frustrations out, put in a hard workout and ended it with the ethereal voice of Fergie that got you and your endorphins floating on Cloud 9.. What more could you ask for?

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