Best Old School Hip Hop Songs to Dance To

You know how it is. You’re at the club and you’re feeling cool. You’ve had some drinks so you’re feeling real mellow or maybe a bit aggressive. Whether mellow or aggressive, you can use that drink-induced feeling to get more into the groove and show off some dope moves.

Certain songs have that bounce, they already have your head bobbing before you get on the dance floor. But once you get that bouncy feeling, you know you got to find a partner and bust a move (from the old school vernacular).

So, I’ve compiled the best of old school Hip Hop, the songs that get you in the mood to break out the flair and finesse on the dance floor.

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Well, we know gettin’ busy on the dance floor is just a fancy form of foreplay. What better song to get in the mood than a truly bouncy “ditty” about the ditty. It’s all about the girl, so get on the floor with her and do the ditty.


Big Pun–Still Not a Player

This one definitely will get you moving and it helps that Pun was a lyrical master, really knew how to flip a verse. The beat is just bangin’ and Pun holds nothing back, plus you got those smooth vocals of Joe. Git it.

LL Cool J–Jack the Ripper

This is just hardcore Hip Hop freestylin’, partly for LL’s beef with Kool Moe Dee back in the day, but the other part is just good dance music; DJ skills, a vicious beat and Cool J’s aggressive lyrics and delivery. This is pure Hip Hop dance music.

LL Cool J–Doin’ It

This is definitely a club song for when you are on the dance floor gettin’ freaky. It will get your juices flowin’. And you know what’s next.

Tupac and Dre–California Love

From back in the day of the Tupac and Dre collaborations, this is a true thug party song. Throw up your fingers if you feel the same way!

Notorious BIG (Biggie Smalls)–Big Poppa

You can move around the club pretending the girls are calling you Big Poppa, but you can truly feel like it when this song is pumpin’. Smooth, and that high end of the synthesizer was hittin’ back in the 90s. Classic and still inspires dance floors across the nation.

Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg

This one’s for all the gangstas in the house, perfect for you to flash gang signs or fake gang signs at the party. Just be careful, might be real gangstas around that don’t like your gang signs. At any rate, this jam has that g-funk with the high-end synthesizer, that groove that Dre made famous. It’s got that smooth vocal from Snoop and that hard-hitting sound of Dre.

Dr. Dre: Let Me Ride

This one is for those who want to show off their ride at the picnic; get that 3-wheel motion goin’. Just pure Hip Hop thug beat that makes you wanna move! That driving beat, that hi-hat and that funk!

EPMD: You Gots To Chill

Nobody beats EPMD. They introduced the world to smooth and mellow delivery, behind some beats with More Bounce to the Ounce!

Luniz: I Got 5 On It Remix

True underground thuggery, a posse cut with lunatics that smooth it out on a jam that’s sure to make you want to get mellow.

Special K: I Got a Man

Sassy and all that, but that beat is definitely movin’. You got to get into this. Horny with rhythm, you got to make your move.

Def Jef: Give It Here

You’ve got to appreciate that bass-line, guitar and that beat, plus Def Jef’s clever, intricate lyrics and flawless delivery.

Wreckx-N-Effect: Rump Shaker

This song truly lives up to its title. Driving beat and tough lyrics, pure sex.

Ini Kamoze: Hotstepper

That cool hook, that ragamuffin style, those hand-claps, this jam is the bomb.

Jermaine Dupri: Welcome to Atlanta Remix

All the pros at their best, an across the country posse cut sure to get you groovin’.

Notorious BIG: Mo Money Mo Problem

Smooth vocals, guitar and that funky beat. Danceable jam to the nth degree.

Nucleus: Jam On It

Old school Hip Hop classic, still funky, still moves a dance floor. Wiki-wiki-wiki!

Egyptian Lover: Egpyt Egypt

You got to love that old school digital sound, it’ll make you bust out the break dance moves!

Murs: Lookin’ Fly

Got to love that wild sound, that Ghetto-Alternative style, that raw vocal. Definitely a song for the dance club.

Mac Dre: Feelin Myself remix

Weird and crude, Mac Dre is that hot Bay Area product that thrills the underground to no end. Feeling myself!

Nelly: Shake Ya Tailfeather

All about the sex, shake that booty. Certainly looks good. Looks even better with that sex beat pounding. Shake it!

Malcolm McLaren – Buffalo Gals

This old school classic is still good, perfect for those break-dancers bustin’ it out on the dance floor or out in the street. I’m sure it can still heat up a club too.

So, there you have it, my choices for top Hip Hop dance jams, guaranteed to get the head bobbin’, the body shaking and the juices flowin’!

E-40 – Where the Party At?

E-40 jams always had that special bounce from the Bay. Certain to get the dance floor hot!

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