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Irony in Ice Cube’s Song “Us”

I’ve covered the subject of whether Ice Cube is racist in a previous article here. Looking at his work
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Ghost Dog: Hip Hop and Incongruent Elements

Hip Hop has always been full of incongruent elements. Everything from disco beats mixed with cartoon audios, to the
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Geto Boys: Gangster Rap or Conscious Rap?

Well, the obvious answer to this question of whether the Geto Boys are gangsta rap or conscious rap is
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The KRS ONE Progression

By KRS ONE progression I mean how KRS, Hip Hop legend, pioneer and innovator, the Teacha, progressed through his
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Is Ice Cube Racist?

It was back in the early 1990s, Ice Cube dropped Death Certificate, a seething and enraged dissertation on American
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Psychology of Eminem

Listening to Eminem is therapeutic. Evidently, to a lot of people. He’s massively popular and we can relate to
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Old School Conscious Rap

The early 1980s saw the Old School introducing Hip Hop to the world, straight from the South Bronx, with