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Best Diss Tracks

Nothing quite like a dope diss track. After all, it’s part of the foundation of Hip Hop; braggadocio, competition
Alternative Hip Hop

Best Posse Cuts

I’ve always dug posse cuts. A swarm of MCs attack the mic and ravage the crowd with vicious braggadocio.
Gangster Rap

Freedom of Expression and Hip Hop

It occurred to me that the popularity of Hip Hop is not necessarily the subject matter of the music
Gangster Rap

Gangster Rap is America

It dawned on me the other day that rappers like Ice Cube – pioneers of Gangster Rap – were
Conscious Rap

Irony in Ice Cube’s Song “Us”

I’ve covered the subject of whether Ice Cube is racist in a previous article here. Looking at his work
Conscious Rap

Ghost Dog: Hip Hop and Incongruent Elements

Hip Hop has always been full of incongruent elements. Everything from disco beats mixed with cartoon audios, to the
Conscious Rap

Geto Boys: Gangster Rap or Conscious Rap?

Well, the obvious answer to this question of whether the Geto Boys are gangsta rap or conscious rap is
Conscious Rap

Is Ice Cube Racist?

It was back in the early 1990s, Ice Cube dropped Death Certificate, a seething and enraged dissertation on American
Gangster Rap

Gangster Rap and American Gangsterism: Same Thing

I think it’s funny that there is a degree, quite a high degree, of hostility towards Gangster Rap. Gangster