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Best Posse Cuts

I’ve always dug posse cuts. A swarm of MCs attack the mic and ravage the crowd with vicious braggadocio.
Gangster Rap

Freedom of Expression and Hip Hop

It occurred to me that the popularity of Hip Hop is not necessarily the subject matter of the music
Alternative Hip Hop

Heems is Better Off without Das Racist

Heems or Himanshu, was the slightly overweight, chubby or pudgy, member of Das Racist. While the other two member
Conscious Rap

Ghost Dog: Hip Hop and Incongruent Elements

Hip Hop has always been full of incongruent elements. Everything from disco beats mixed with cartoon audios, to the
New Era Hip Hop

Kool AD is Better Off Without Das Racist

As I’ve said before once over here Das Racist is amazing! Or, WAS amazing. They split up and Kool
Alternative Hip Hop

Psychology of Eminem

Listening to Eminem is therapeutic. Evidently, to a lot of people. He’s massively popular and we can relate to
Alternative Hip Hop

Das Racist is Amazing

  Nonsensical, Alternative Hip Hop I guess, they are an East Indian and Latino trio from the East Coast
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Macklemore: Hip Hop’s Unique and Honest Refreshing Breeze

Hip Hop, these days, to me, is generally disappointing. I’ll listen to some music which I kind of like,