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Best Posse Cuts

I’ve always dug posse cuts. A swarm of MCs attack the mic and ravage the crowd with vicious braggadocio.
Gangster Rap

Freedom of Expression and Hip Hop

It occurred to me that the popularity of Hip Hop is not necessarily the subject matter of the music
New School Hip Hop

Those New School 80s Hip Hop Beats

Hip Hop Ya Don’t Stop!  In the mid-80s there began to be tremors of a revolution of sorts, an
New School Hip Hop

Best Old School Hip Hop Love Songs

Back in the day, rappers were already coming up with rap ballads; and they were influencing R and B
New School Hip Hop

Best Old School Hip Hop Beef

Back in my day, when I first listened to Hip Hop in my teens, the favorite Hip Hop beef
New School Hip Hop

Those Hip Hop Beats: New School 80s

After groups like The Sugar Hill Gang and Grandmaster Flash, Melle Mel and the Furious Five had burst on