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Golden Age Hip Hop

Best Old School Hip Hop Songs to Dance To

You know how it is. You’re at the club and you’re feeling cool. You’ve had some drinks so you’re
Conscious Rap

Geto Boys: Gangster Rap or Conscious Rap?

Well, the obvious answer to this question of whether the Geto Boys are gangsta rap or conscious rap is
Alternative Hip Hop

Beastie Boys: Personification of Hip Hop

Well, back in the day, when the Beastie Boys first came out, a lot of die-hard Hip Hop Heads
Alternative Hip Hop

Psychology of Eminem

Listening to Eminem is therapeutic. Evidently, to a lot of people. He’s massively popular and we can relate to
Conscious Rap

Old School Conscious Rap

The early 1980s saw the Old School introducing Hip Hop to the world, straight from the South Bronx, with
Gangster Rap

Gangster Rap and American Gangsterism: Same Thing

I think it’s funny that there is a degree, quite a high degree, of hostility towards Gangster Rap. Gangster
New Era Hip Hop

Macklemore: Hip Hop’s Unique and Honest Refreshing Breeze

Hip Hop, these days, to me, is generally disappointing. I’ll listen to some music which I kind of like,
Golden Age Hip Hop

My Favorite Fat Rappers

One thing cool about Hip Hop is you can be fat and be a player. As long as you
Old School Hip Hop

Old School Hip Hop

It was back in 1983, the break-dance craze was in full swing and I was totally into it. You