Classic Sugar Hill Dance Songs

Back in the day, way back in the day, Sugar Hill Records was making some of the first Hip Hop records in history, back when it was all about the party. Their feature artists, The Sugar Hill Gang, broke out with Rapper’s Delight and were an instant hit. But the company also had in their line-up such pioneers as Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five with Melle Mel, as well as the Crash Crew and the Treacherous Three with Kool Moe Dee. They kind of cornered the market on Hip Hop in the very early 80s.

Consequently, they had all the hot dance jams. These tunes could get you on the dance floor dancing the Freak.

Let’s check out some of their best.

8th Wonder | Sugar Hill Gang

This one had a truly funky beat, digital and cosmic, that would make you wanna move.


Apache | Sugar Hill Gang

This jam is hot, vicious and all the way live. Old school Hip Hop Heads know what I’m talkin’ bout. All those tribal drums will get you burning up the dance floor. Jump on it!

Yes We Can Can | Treacherous Three

Kool Moe Dee was already jumping in with the socially and politically relevant messages even back in the day. But his group the Treacherous Three had plenty of dance hits, along with the lyrical messages.


It’s Nasty | Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five

Then you got yer Furious Five with Melle Mel. These guys are legends. They had plenty of party songs that get you groovin’. They borrowed from an old Tom Tom Club number and later Mariah Carey borrowed it too.

Showdown | Sugar Hill Gang vs. Furious Five

Nothing like a good old school rap battle between old school MCs. These guys were on fire.


Like I said, it was all about the party back in the day. Not that it isn’t still all about the party, but this stuff was the nitty-gritty, the original block party MCs going at it and delivering the dance music to get you shaking and breakin’ it down at the party and club.

Long live those old school classics!

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