Das Racist is Amazing


Nonsensical, Alternative Hip Hop I guess, they are an East Indian and Latino trio from the East Coast known as New York, and they seem to be flippin’ off the top of their heads or it’s all maniacally planned; it’s hard to tell.

Strangely infectious, can’t help but get into it, when you give them a listen you want a cheap drink and a bowl of cheerios.

They are amazing, apparently.

yahooeny, deviantART



Their group name makes fun of people looking for racism everywhere constantly, under rocks and chairs and anywhere, like I said. However, they are able to pin-point the fact that they are both intolerant of nonsense and able to dish it out too. Meantime sample something funky fresh in the FLESH like John Tesh.

They seem rather relaxed all the time, maybe because they smoked out, phenomenal is the right word but not for them. They are phenomenal-tastic! It’s time to get the 99 cent drink.

No joke.

So, what, are they joking or not? Doesn’t matter. And that’s the beauty of it. If you’re not ready to spontaneously on purpose relax and get into it, you’re in trouble or not.

Turns out even the weirdest of journalists can catch Kool AD and whats-their-names off-guard. I guess what’s good for the goose is darn good enough for the gander.

They like to remind you they are brown, not that you weren’t already obsessing on it.

They are fashion-friendly.

They are often naked in their videos. They like being naked.

They are fashion-friendly, naked and ARE Michael Jackson. I’m going to end this now with that.

yahooeny, deviantART

Heems and Humanshi, those are the other ones. I mean, Himanshu. I mean Dapwell, the hype man, and Himanshu, the other MC.

Featured Image: RaymondM., Flickr Creative Commons

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