Kool AD is Better Off Without Das Racist

As I’ve said before once over here Das Racist is amazing! Or, WAS amazing. They split up and Kool AD is better off without those other two losers.

They took the Internet Hip Hop world by storm with such hits as You Oughta Know and others like that pizza one.

But as I already said, Kool AD has also taken the world by storm on his own. That’s right, folks, solo artist.

Like those before him, like Blue Scholars, he’s hit with infamous tracks named after people: Like, “Al Green” or Manny Pacquiao.

Does he hit like Manny Pacquiao? Yes, and floats like a featherweight.


It’s too bad those other two who abandoned him aren’t here to see his success. Because Kool is blowing it out the WATER!

His signature move and trademark move is to dance around and all over the womens. That’s plural womens, women with an s.

Probably some of you think this following interview is funny but it’s just one traumatic example of the horror Kool AD had to deal with when he was with Das Racist.

Turns out he knows what he’s doing with the music thing, the solo thing, the things he loves. Kool AD is beyond Das Racist.

He’s an international superstar and making incorrigible hits day after day as popular as porn.

He’s an unstoppable force that can’t be stopped.

Mesmerizing and always on point like a ball pen with a point. He goes on and on and stops for no one.  Like this.

Yep. Jaleel White.

Bearded and smoking, he can freak you out but he’s the most successful Internet star of our era.

And that’s why Kool AD always wins.

Featured image: LIQUIDBONEZ, Flickr. Some rights reserved.

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