Miley Cyrus is Hip Hop


zenny62, Flickr. Some Rights Reserved.

Miley Cyrus is everything that Hip Hop is: Unbridled raw sexuality, Raw Emotion, with touches of and allusions to the Political. She is unapologetic and forthright with her passion and sexuality.


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From the days of the block party in which partiers would rub body parts against each other and simulate sex doing “The Freak”, and back when MCs yelled out every sexual innuendo imaginable to stimulate the crowd– sex has been part of the core of what is Hip Hop.


Purple hair, cess, ganja, Indo, Chronic, 40s and Gin and Juice: Hip Hop has always been about the party, just like Miley.

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Miley is raw, fiery just like Hip Hop. The emotion is all out there to bear, with vulnerability mixed with aggression. Straight from the heart.

It is no mistake that Hip Hop artists have embraced Miley when some of the uptight public is rejecting her. She does what is new and exciting, indeed provocative, which is better suited to the Hip Hop community which has always been daring and the fringe. Miley is on point.

We should not forget her socially and politically conscious work, also falling in line with the true spirit of Hip Hop.

The true spirit of Hip Hop is free expression, openness and artistic examination of society. I think Miley has covered all of that and am so glad she’s entered the Hip Hop theater.

You go, girl!

Fact is, like Cher and Madonna, being ostracized by the public simply fuels her career and makes her rich.

And I am definitely happy for her.

Featured Image: zenny62, Flickr. Some Rights Reserved.

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