Sex in Hip Hop

Sex is everywhere! In life in general, at parties usually, and specifically in what gets marketed.

Hip Hop is no exception. Of course, since back in the day, there have been the parties that started Hip Hop, girls and boys getting together to dance close, and rappers shouting out cryptic and sometimes not so cryptic sexual innuendo.

But as Hip Hop evolved, sex became central to some rappers subject matter; some of them specialized in talking about sex, others made it important at least in some songs.

Here I will list and discuss the artists that made sex in some way central to the musical material they produced.

Ice T

Most memorable about Ice T, in terms of sexual material in his act, was his incredibly beautiful girlfriend at the time, Darlene Ortiz. The album cover for his Power LP, had Darlene in a very skimpy outfit, holding a gun. The theme was obvious. Power in its different forms, including sex.


 Darlene was also featured in Ice T’s music videos. Here she is dancing in a tight mini-dress in Ice T’s hit I’m Your Pusher.

Here she is playing the role of the sexy girlfriend of a high roller, as well as a female gangster.

  Here she is having some fun with Dr. Dre and Ed Lover from Yo! MTV Raps!

The original video I posted here was taken off of YouTube. Too bad, it was hella cool.

Salt N Pepa

Salt N Pepa’s first big hit, Push It, had all the sexual innuendo you might want in a song; warning a man desired that he’d better push it, and get busy making his move.

As their musical career evolved, they kept the sexual themes alive.

In Whatta Man, it seems most male Hip Hoppas were dreaming Salt, Pep, and Spinderella were talking about them; praising their men, and in the video, wearing daisy dukes and dancing provocatively, while writhing around all over some choice men. Sexy, indeed.



Can’t get too far talking about sex in Hip Hop without talking about Nelly. Like many southerners, he is known in Hip Hop and other places for being free about sex and talking about it, Nelly keeps sex a constant in his Hip Hop subject matter. It’s Gettin’Hot in Here! his super hit, was nothing but about sex. His videos definitely stress girls with much junk in the trunk!

This extremely dance-able track must get the girls to shake their tail-feathers. We would hope. Here he is with the king-pin, P-Diddy, and Murphy Lee.

  Sir Mix-a-Lot

Sir-Mix-a-Lot was not known for using sex in his music, he was more the Iron Man posse leader, writing up Hip Hop jams with a conscience. But he made a massive splash with Baby Got Back, making women feel  proud of their curves and making men nod in agreement that they “like big butts and they cannot lie!”


  Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg, known for the Chronic and smooth, fluid lyrics, also hosted a porn series for sex entertainment mogul Larry Flint. Definitely has plenty sex material in his music too.


Eazy E

Eazy E, famous for founding the Hip Hop gang NWA, and for ruthless lyrics and, for that matter, being a real Gangsta, he became famous for sex-filled pool parties at his mansion too. Here’s a sample.


2 Live Crew

These guys were famous for pornographic imagery in their lyrics and shows, and sex was pretty much their one and only theme.


Too Short

Too Short had that unique Bay Area style, with his Freaky Tales, he sounded like he was really kickin’ back telling stories. Aggressive sex moves with all the nasty details filled up his tales.

So, Hip Hop as usual, and when it came to sex particularly, was neither pretentious nor acceptable to mainstream society. However, sex in Hip Hop has always been honest, offensive and always entertaining.


Featured Image: By idrewuk (originally posted to Flickr as [1]) [CC-BY-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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